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Curso   de   Traducción:   Piensa  en  Leyenda./   Translation  Course:   Think  of Legend.

En la época dorada de Hollywood nacieron leyendas que nos enamoraron a todos. En la foto Esther Williams, la sirena de Hollywood, junto a Grace Kelly, ambas delante del camerino de Kelly, la rubia de Alfred Hitchcock, "Graciebird" o la Princesa de Mónaco.

In Hollywood's golden age, some legends were born everyone fell in love with. In the picture, Esther Williams, Hollywood’s siren, beside Grace Kelly, both in front of the dressing room of Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock blonde, "Graciebird" or Monaco’s Princess.

¿Cuáles son las características de una personalidad arrolladora?/ What are the characteristics of an overpowering personality?

-Muéstrate como un ser misterios@; resume y no des demasiados detalles.

-Show yourself as a mysterious being; sum up and don’t give too many details.

Carolina Melissa (Sunday, 9th April 2017 00:01)

Hello everyone! This week we have a text on Legend. What are the characteristics of an overpowering personality? Maybe if we extract those characteristics we can be closer to the definition of legend.

Please, do translate the text into English.  

Next week, as usual, I'll write my own translation and you'll be able to check your mistakes, if any!!

Remember this is the fastest way for you to be a great writer and translator in English and Spanish! Best wishes and good luck!

Given adjectives: arrolladora=overpowering, misterioso= mysterious

Given conjunctions and connectors: y=and; o=or

Given determinants: ambas=both; un=a; una=an

Given nouns: camerino de Kelly=the dressing room of Kelly; "Graciebird"="Graciebird"; la Princesa de Mónaco=Monaco’s Princess; la rubia de Alfred Hitchcock=Alfred Hitchcock blonde; la sirena de Hollywood=Hollywood’s siren; las características de=the characteristics of; leyendas que nos enamoraron a todos=some legends …everyone fell in love with; personalidad=personality; ser=being

Given phrases: en la época dorada de Hollywood=in Hollywood's golden age; no des demasiados detalles=don’t give too many details.

Given prepositions: delante del= in front of; en la foto=in the picture; junto a=beside

Given pronouns: cuáles=what

Given verbs: muéstrate como=show yourself as; nacieron=…were born; resume=sum up; son=are

Carolina Melissa (Thursday, 13th April 2017 22:32)

Congratulations for you effort! Keep on translating!

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